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My artwork takes me into many design adventures - but I am mainly focused on hand-forged jewelry.  I also spend a bit of my time doing custom floorcloths as well as museum exhibition design.  My educational background is in Anthropology and Archaeology, but I have had a passion for art since I was a kid and have managed to mix the two together in my functional art, jewelry-making and my exhibition design work.

Jewelry - My work is both rustic and funky  - I use silver, copper and bronze and work with a mix of gemstones, but especially love American turquoise and tourmaline.

Museum Exhibition Design - My niche is in working for the small to medium-sized museum.  I design, build, install, light, write and do graphic design and work with any size of budget and scope of project.

Custom Work - I create custom canvas floorcloths on a made-to-order basis. â€‹